Why be grateful for a lovely Mother?

grateful mother

Mother, A Selfless person the definition that comes to my mind if someone asks me the meaning. I don’t think anyone can define or explain what a mother is? I don’t know how much strength she has or how she controls everything so accurately.

I have seen my mother be always thereafter being a working lady, she never missed my special days. She made sure to get us equipped with every little important thing. And then this is not only about my mother, but it also happens with most of us.

Mothers are reflections or supremacy of God for us. Mother trains us to have a power of belief and respect for ourselves. They not only make their children physically strong but be strong-willed to face the reality of life.

For anyone like me, I don’t compare her with Supreme power, The God. I treat her like a human only. The question must be coming in your mind – Why? After so many good lines about the mother and comparison with God.

For me or anyone, she should only be treated as a human who is the most loyal and wholeheartedly available for us. As she should be allowed to make a mistake. She is allowed to live her life as we do. She left or sacrificed uncountable opportunities for the upbringing of her child or the smooth functioning of the family.

Make her feel at the top of the world whenever you can. Take some time out of your schedule and spend little light moments.

A mother’s heart is always with her children. ~ Author Unknown

A mother is never uneducated as she makes the best career for her child. she understands and is aware of the capabilities of her children. She tries to get updated to make a pace so that her “bachcha” is not left behind.

We celebrate Teacher’s Day, but how many of us wish our first teacher of life? She teaches us the most important things in our life. In Islam, it is referred to as having Jannat(Heaven) under their feet.

There are infinite reasons for paying gratitude towards Mother but I am trying to summarize them and mentioning a few of them.

  • Unconditional love for you: As a kid, we want to be around her. A teenager tries to run away from her for their personal space. As we grow older we get to know the real meaning of love without any filter added to it. She loves you immensely and completely.


  • Her smile makes everything in place: Recall her face and that beautiful smile. She paints a ray of sunshine all over her face. You get a sigh of relief when you see her ear-to-ear smile. Just make sure a smile stays on the face.


  • Allow you to make a mistake and learn from them. She knows the reality of life and the hardness required to deal with them. She makes you get prepared for the worst stand by your side.


  • Keeping most for you even if not having enough for her: This is the basic nature of all the mothers. She keeps the best for us and replies to us with the statement like have you ever seen me having it or I didn’t like it.


We forget to give our Moms the acknowledgment she truly deserves. We don’t always say thank you and have it not be for a favor.

In Closing

Mother or Moma or Maa or Mummy whatever you call her. Just love and respect her as what she did for you no other person has done anything like her or will do it for you with so much purity and dedication. Hug her once a day to relax your mind and shower your love on her.

First Word that comes to your mind, After hearing Maa?

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