Why be Grateful for Beautiful life?

beautiful life

Be grateful in life, claimed by everyone with full conviction and energy. But is it possible to be thankful to God or any supernatural power in the toughest part of life? Can someone be thanking the universe even if the situation has broken down the person internally?

Is it possible for anyone to get up and start finding positivity in the worst of the condition? My experience says it is a bit difficult in the beginning for anyone to cope with the situation, which is ok.

Life is a blank notebook. It is up to you how you want it to be. Being a strong believer in the theory that the way you respond to the situation shows the kind of person you are. My personal favorite is we can only serve others what we have.

Some days are special & others will be neutral, which is perfectly fine. Some days you will feel like being lazy, not doing anything.

But responding with the “attitude of gratitude” adds an amount of energy to our body.

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” —Zig Ziglar

Some of the ways that can be considered for having gratitude to make life beautiful could be a solution to everything. Change is required but fear of change stops us to take action for our life.

Gratitude has N number of benefits which are psychological, physical, or mental. Health is majorly affected by the process of performing gratitude. It soothes our energy and relaxes our body. It makes you feel more positive and enjoy good experiences.

Positive Mind

What does that do? What is the impact of a positive mindset? In researches, it has been found that a positive attitude copes up with a severe condition. A positive mind comforts the soul and relaxes the brain.

positive mind improves your immune system and may help you have a healthy and extended, according to a University of Queensland study.

Try to become selfish at least for your well-being. There is a quote that says “you are what you eat”. The same applicability is for the mind also. Feed it with positive thoughts and try to cut off the negative emotions coming in your path.

Increases Productivity

When you are grateful for small things, it gives genuine pleasure. Pleasure smiles at you. Happiness produces endorphins which give more liveliness. It elevates the level of innovation and creativity, which can lead to increased work rate i.e productivity. The machine cannot replace a human being. They are not running a business but the people running them do.

Increases Self Confidence

How practicing gratitude multiplies confidence? The same question comes to my mind too J. We as humans have a habit of comparing our life with other people. We, unconsciously self-destructing ourselves. Going through the different articles and studies I somehow got nearer to the answer. Gratitude reduces social comparisons, peer pressure, and the need for approval & acceptance.

Meaningful life

When we are honestly grateful, we observe our life with exact motive and enthusiasm. How being grateful will give you meaning? It permits you to record the quintessence of every moment. It expresses more compassion and kindness. It brings the kind of essential changes in life.

On a final note…

It’s not like you will feel motivated all the time or energized at every step in life. But you just have to acknowledge the things which are making your life more desirable. Life is a bed of roses only if we start appreciating the tiniest event in life. Start embracing and start feeling some positive transition in survival. So what you all think about it? Do you practice the emotion of gratitude?




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